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Journalist EL-Amraoui Mariya had an exclusive interview with the iconic Holland football player Chris david

By mariya el amraoui



?How was your career in football-


My career football is going well until now, there were some ups and downs ، but i had some nice experiences and i am so happy


?What are the clubs you have moved to-

2In my football career , i played in different teams


3How did you discover your your hobby in football? Who discovered it



 i discovered to play football due to my older brother and my father, i would play football with them and they helped and trained me a lot and i was talented. I am thankful to them


who is your best football player in the world for you that you consider a model


4there are so many good players in the world , but for me ,Cristiano Ronaldo is a real model for me, i like the way he plays ,how he prepares for the game and he trains him self to be always the best and fit . i cannot compare Messi and Cristiano because both of them are on the top but a model for me ,i prefer cristiano because he is more talented

5What are the hardest coulisses in your career


5the hardest part in football is injuries, and this makes you stronger as well ,there are some sad moments in my career but unfortunately , we have to go with it

6Do you have friends in the filed of sport ,or do you prefer friends out of the field


6some times ,we make some friends from the team and some out of the field


7How do you see 2021 ,was it a happy year for you


2021, 7was a strange year because of the Covid , and i learnt a lot and i seek to have new challenges and new goals

8if you choose a club to join to ,which one will you be joining to and which professional  player you want to play with


8I really enjoy to watch Manchester ,and for me it will be nice to join that nice team